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        Voltage Feedback For Electric Bicycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

        One of the key technologies of electric bicycles is the motor speed controller. However, the electric bicycle fault more precisely is the speed controller. In particular, some manufacturers of speed control controller in the use of a slightly careless will burn the power driver components, at a time, the promotion of electric bicycles have been a certain difficulty. By the commissioning of an electric bicycle manufacturer, the author dissected, analyzed and studied the faults of the controller. The results show that the failure of the controller to burn the power-driven components is due to the unreasonable circuit design.Electric Bicycle

        The working principle of the circuit is: when the circuit is working, the voltage value on the C6 is changed by adjusting the luminous flux of the photoelectric coupler G01. Compared with the sawtooth wave voltage generated by the DC voltage and the sawtooth wave generating circuit on the C7, when the voltage on the C6 is greater than the voltage on the C7, the A4 output is the positive voltage, so that the T1 leads through , the T2 cutoff, the power field effect tube T3 The gate is therefore charged to high level and leads through, motor M electric operation: When the voltage on the C6 is less than the voltage on C 7, the output of the A4 is negative voltage, so that the T1 cutoff, due to the T2 emitter and T3 of the gate circuit connected, So the high voltage on the T3 grid makes the T2 instantaneous conduction, the gate charge is quickly released by T2, so that the T3 cutoff, the motor m is stopped by losing power.Electric Bicycle There are obvious problems in the current detection and feedback link in the circuit, and the feedback resistor R15 in the circuit can not play the normal current negative feedback function. Since R15 is a resistor with small resistance and high power, in this system, in the case of overcurrent, the pressure drop on the R15 is generally only 0.1~0.2 V, from the method shown in Fig. 1, it is easy to see that when the current occurs, the potential of the two input terminals of the A2 is raised simultaneously, so that the potentials of the input are almost unchanged. , so the output does not have an effect, can not play the current negative feedback effect.Electric Bicycle

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