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        The Use Of Electric Motorcycle And Targeted
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

        With the emission, environmental protection and energy consumption standards to upgrade the motorcycle power system, the growing demand for electric drive, the domestic mainstream motorcycle business electric motorcycle products are ready to go; 2015 China's low-speed electric vehicles (four Rounds of motorcycles) up to 1 million / year, showing explosive growth, under the guidance of the government industry policy, the direction of lithium battery transformation and development; government-led to promote the delivery of three-wheel vehicles are also facing lithium battery. More than miniature electric vehicles' (suck, three, four electric motorcycles, in the domestic L1 ~ L5 and four round all terrain vehicles, in the EU EEC L 1 ~ L7, hereinafter referred to as L class car) are showing lithium battery trend.Electric Motorcycle

        Motorcycle battery industry, the pace of industrialization is slow, the battery system design and production level uneven, lithium battery cost has become a major factor in the industrialization of small electric vehicles; compared to lead-acid battery standardization of production efficiency and Combined with the use of convenience, the current application of L-car lithium-ion battery system can be described as "flourishing", the specifications can be described as "a hundred schools of thought contend", resulting in different enterprises, different models of the battery system is no commonality, System development, application costs; a single lithium battery system minimal production, limiting the size of the product effect, increase the battery production costs, and ultimately affect the promotion of filing applications. Monomer, modules and systems of the "non-standard" has become a major obstacle to promote the industrialization of lithium batteries.Electric Motorcycle

        Due to the use and targeted, the above standards in the power, energy, voltage and other technical systems and motorcycle lithium-ion battery application needs are different, can not effectively guide and regulate the motorcycle lithium battery standardization, large-scale production needs, lack of L-type power lithium battery demand for environmental reliability, voltage and communication interfaces and protocols to ensure that large-scale, interchangeable application of the core requirements, can not effectively promote the L-class vehicle drive development.Electric Motorcycle

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