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        The Use Method Of The Electric Tricycle Detecting Controller
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

             Can detect the controller's good and bad, and the quality of poor detection, is the detection of motor phase and motor hall good and bad, is to detect the quality of the turn and the pros and cons. Making components is resistor 3.7k6, 3.3k6, light-emitting diode 20, photoelectric coupler 6, double touch button switch 10, 10K potentiometer 1.Electric Tricycle

             Connect the controller's positive and negative polarity power and then put the three-phase output of the controller at ABC three. Yellow green blue then the key switch to the Controller hall signal input interface, yellow green blue black ABCG again to turn the potentiometer to connect the signal, the terminal signal input will be transferred to the potentiometer high potential, in the press button switch, At this time, the light-emitting tube on the tube and the lower tube ab or BC luminous, a continuous press six switches, the indicator in order of change, 120° should be AB, AC, BC, BA, CA, CB change indicates that the switch tube is good, the controller works normally. Turn the test and connect the red and black Blue Line.Electric Tricycle

             The red line is connected with the positive polarity of the signal diode and the black wire is connected with the cathode at this time the rotation turn, the indicator light indicating that the turn is good, the test motor Hall will connect the line, according to the color of the line yellow green blue represents ABC red black is the power, with the hands of the wheel three lights should be in order to illuminate that Hall is good, otherwise it is bad.Electric Tricycle

             The operation description of the brushless motor controller detection and fault identification the brushless controller detection and fault identification a connection controller 1 the "Control turn line" and the controller are transferred in the Instrument Connect Line 2 "Controller Hall Line" and Controller Hall line butt 3 "motor Controller common phase Line" and controller three root phase line connection 4 "controller Power" Power supply connection (positive or negative) of the Controller 5 charger jack into "Charger socket (Please select the electric car charger with the measured controller voltage) b Check Controller 1 confirm the controller and the tester connected properly after the charger power.Electric Tricycle

            At this time to watch the panel "control 5V" light is lit, if not light then do not go down, can be concluded that the controller does not control 5V output, for a fault controller, if the "control 5V" lamp has regular flashing, you can conclude that the controller 5V output normal, can further operation.Electric Tricycle

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