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        Safety Performance Of Electric Bicycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

        Power Saving battery life: Leisure fitness At the same time, improve the whole vehicle mileage nearly one times. Because the current is about half of the pure electric vehicle, it avoids the battery damage caused by large current discharge. Set the system Afterburner function: According to the user's riding style and controller-the motor matching can be changed: the compensation amount of moment parameter and the compensation of kinetic energy parameter;Electric Bicycle 

        Repeat settings: Depending on the size of the user on the afterburner, let the user ride in the process while riding the edge settings, to meet the needs of different customer-friendly operation. Motor Controller General: Brush/Brushless, high-speed/low-speed, 24v/36v Controller-Motor system general. Universal installation: Bicycle sprocket crank with D-type middle axle.Electric Bicycle

        Good security: According to the whole vehicle transmission ratio to set the maximum speed limit (such as: 25 km/h does not add electricity); Hibernate function Interface: The instrument part is equipped with the whole vehicle sleep function interface: when the whole vehicle stops running 5 minutes, the dormant state signal output. Strong anti-interference Ability: can work normally in turbid water.Electric Bicycle

        Magnetic compatibility (EMC) standards have been applied to all types of electronic equipment and vehicles in Europe, such as automobiles, motorcycles and moped. The purpose of the electromagnetic compatibility standard is to ensure the safety of people who use hearing aids or pacemakers when driving a car or riding an electric bicycle, making it clear that electromagnetic pulses from the electronic components of a vehicle cannot interfere with their hearing aids and pacemakers.

        Add electrolytic capacitors, to improve the starting current of electric vehicles to achieve the increase of instantaneous torque of the motor, the capacitance of the voltage need to be slightly higher than the power supply after the charge, and the capacitor in parallel in the battery line, the principle is when the power supply voltage is higher than the capacitor voltage (at this time the capacitance of 0,Electric Bicycle 

        The battery charges the capacitor (the electric vehicle generally does not drop when the voltage stabilizes at the speed of the operation or at rest. At this time the power to the capacitor to charge, the current is also small, when the capacitor charging to the same power supply voltage, charging stopped, because the electric vehicle in the start or acceleration voltage will drop, at this time capacitor discharge, improve power supply current.Electric Bicycle

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