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        Motive Principle Of Electric Bicycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

             What is a motor? A motor is a component that converts a battery's electrical energy into a mechanical energy that drives the wheels of an electric car. What is the stator? Electric Bicycle

             A part that does not rotate when working with a brush or brushless motor. Wheel-type brushless or brushless motor motor shaft called stator, this kind of motor can be called the default motor. What is a rotor? A part that rotates when working with a brush or brushless motor. The housing of the wheel-type brushless or brushless motor is called the rotor, and this kind of motor can be called the outer rotor motor.Electric Bicycle

             What is a carbon brush? There is a brush motor inside the top on the surface of the inverter, when the motor rotates, the electrical energy through the inverter to the coil, because its main ingredient is carbon, known as carbon brush, it is easy to wear. The replacement should be maintained on a regular basis and the carbon deposit should be cleaned. What is a brush grip? A mechanical guide groove for holding and maintaining a carbon brush position in a brush motor. What is a phase converter? There is a brush motor inside, with mutual insulation of the strip metal surface, with the motor rotor rotation, the bar-shaped metal alternating contact brush positive and negative, to achieve the motor coil current direction of positive and negative alternating change, complete the brush motor coil commutation.Electric Bicycle

            What is Phase order? The order of the brushless motor coils. What is magnet steel? Generally used to address the high magnetic field strength of magnetic materials, electric vehicle motors are used NdFeB rare earth magnets. What is a brush motor? Motor work, the coil and commutator rotation, magnetic and carbon brushes do not turn, the coil current direction of alternating change is * with the motor rotation of the phase converter and brush to complete. Electric Bicycle

             In the electric vehicle industry has brush motor divided high-speed brush motor and low-speed brush motor. Brush motor and brushless motor There are many differences, from the name can be seen on the brush motor has carbon brush, brushless motor without carbon brush.Electric Bicycle

            What is a brushless motor? By the controller to provide different current direction of DC to achieve the motor inside the coil current direction of alternating change, brushless motor rotor and stator between the brushless and phase-change device. How does the motor realize commutation? Brushless or brush motor in the rotation, the electric motor inside the coil in the direction of the power needs to be alternating to achieve continuous rotation of the motor. There is a brush motor commutation * Phase converter and brush together to complete, brushless motor * controller to complete.Electric Bicycle

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