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        Large-capacity Electric Bicycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

             Power-assisted electric bicycles most of the electric bicycles on the market now use motorcycle riding mode, controlled by manual speed. Because the speed of electric bicycles cannot reach the requirement of driving on the motorway, it can only be driven in the Non-motorized road. In addition to the traditional bicycle riding way, the control of electric bicycles is not as flexible as non-motorized vehicles, there is a certain risk, but also may bring new traffic problems. This is the real reason why the public Security department has so far failed to publicly express its support for electric bicycles. By the North University of Technology, the development of power-driven electric bicycles, cyclists can still ride the traditional bicycle way, and by the electric motor to assist.Electric Bicycle
             The power of the motor is automatically determined by the electronic circuit according to the cyclist's riding condition, without the need for a separate manual control. As the bike is the same as the traditional bicycle, the car is flexible and safe, fully adapted to the urban traffic status quo, many urban traffic management departments have publicly recognized the power-assisted bicycles by bicycle management. And the car rides extremely light, the cyclist spends very few physical examples can reach the place, especially in the wind or load situation, the motor power effect is very obvious.Electric Bicycle
             In addition, because the motor only provides power, the battery load current small, to avoid the phenomenon of excessive discharge, greatly prolong the battery life, the total cost of use is lower. Also, the same weight of the battery, the charge after the extension of the mileage greatly extended. The power-assisted electric bicycle motor 120-150 watts, the maximum speed of 20 km, when the speed is greater than 2 kilometers per hour, in order to safety, the motor no longer provide assistance.Electric Bicycle
             When the speed is less than 3 kilometers per hour, the motor also does not help to ensure that the complex road conditions under the safety of cycling. The sample car uses 7 kilograms of lead-acid battery, can travel 35-40 kilometers after charging. Power-assisted electric bicycles avoid the weakness of electric bicycles, is the way to the market of electric bicycles.Electric Bicycle

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