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        Flexibility And Design Rationality Of Electric Tricycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

        The electric tricycle is small in size and can be flexibly traveled across narrow roads. The electric tricycle has the reversing switch, can conveniently realize the reversing driving function, and has the pronunciation prompt, this in the road narrow Alley, the alley is very practical, regardless of the traveling parking is very convenient. There is no pollution during the operation of the electric tricycle, which is conducive to the protection of the environment and can be recharged at night when the electric power is low.Electric Tricycle

        Electric tricycle charging, driving system after careful design, the use of high-quality components, so that the operating cost is greatly reduced, the average operating costs far lower than the same car. Electric Tricycle is relatively novel, is a good way of sightseeing tourism. And the price is cheap. Closed-loop electric tricycle inlaid curved wide-angle laminated glass, its characteristics have excellent seismic intrusion capability, the middle membrane can withstand the hammer, chopping knives and other weapons of the continuous attack, but also in a long time to withstand the penetration of bullets, the degree of security is extremely high. When the Rings is broken, the mirror tooth-shaped fragments surround the hole, and there are more glass fragments around the penetrating point, and the wire breaks differ in length, thus the safety can be quite superior.Electric Tricycle

        Enclosed electric tricycle built-in car luxury comfortable seat, according to the body height fat thin adjust seat distance, Wu after autumn, can seat flat, Meimei rest for a moment. Hydraulic front fork with front wheel drum brake for your safety escort. Closed-end electric tricycle to take the stainless steel handlebar for your direction, with a reversing system, flexible steering, stability super strong. 360 degree omni-directional view, Electric wiper, water-shaped appearance, small wind resistance.Electric Tricycle

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