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        Electric Tricycle Circuit System
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

        Vehicle motor controller in recent years, the rapid development of the people, it is difficult to imagine, the operation more and more "fool", and the display is more and more complicated. For example, the speed control has been developed to the "cruise lock"; drive, and some also have electric performance and power function, if the transition to the power state, with the chain tension tester, or the axis of the torque sensor, Pedal, can be executed to help or determine the size of help.Electric Tricycle Briefly speaking, the controller is composed of peripheral devices and main chip (or microcontroller). Peripheral devices are some functional devices, such as the implementation, sampling, etc., they are resistors, sensors, bridge switch circuit, and auxiliary single-chip or ASIC integrated control device to complete the process; microcontroller, also known as microcontrollers, A memory, a decoder for converting a speech signal, a sawtooth wave generator and a pulse width modulation function circuit, and a turn-on time for controlling the power flow of the switching circuit by turning on or off the power circuit of the switching circuit and controlling the conduction time of the power tube by the square wave Of the drive circuit, input and output ports are integrated together, and constitute the computer chip. This is the intelligent controller for electric bicycles. It is a "fool" appearance of high-tech products.Electric Tricycle

        The design quality, characteristics, the functions of the microprocessor, the power switch device circuit and the surrounding device layout are directly related to the performance and running status of the vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself. Different quality of the controller, used in the same car, equipped with the same group of the same charge and discharge state of the battery, and sometimes in the driving ability to show a greater difference.Electric Tricycle At present, the electric bicycle used in the principle of the controller circuit is basically the same or close. Brush and brushless DC motor mostly use pulse width modulation PWM control method speed, but use the drive circuit, integrated circuit, switching circuit power transistor and some related functions on the difference. Components and circuits on the difference, constitute the controller performance is not the same. The controller is structurally divided into two categories, which we call separations and integers.Electric Tricycle

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