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        Efficiency Of Electric Bicycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

        In order to improve the efficiency of bicycle crusher equipment, daily maintenance, maintenance is essential. The corresponding maintenance personnel must have the following functions and techniques: responsible for mechanical equipment inspection, maintenance, maintenance, and ensure the normal operation of equipment. Proficiency in the number of mechanical equipment, model, performance, working principle, failure can be correctly analyzed, timely exclusion. Bicycle crusher equipment failure needs to check the maintenance, must cut off power, downtime check.Electric Bicycle

        When using electric tools, you should have protection against electric shock, and pay attention to the injury of high-speed rotating nose. Maintenance work should pay attention to the safety of the surrounding environment. Every maintenance and troubleshooting should be recorded, processing parts to stay drawings. The hydraulic system, each transmission part must check regularly, the regular or the timely add lubricating oil.Electric Bicycle

        Ultra-quiet Intelligent brushless Electric vehicle controller mainly uses the main chip, the chip resources rich, superior performance, coupled with efficient and fast PID program control algorithm, constitute a superior performance of three-phase Low-voltage Brushless DC controller. Electric Bicycle

        Ultra-quiet design, so that the start of the brushless operation noise to achieve the best results. Develop the latest software to control and protect the electric bicycle's motor and battery, so that the electric vehicle drive system works in the best condition, thus enhances the product reliability and the service life.Electric Bicycle

        The special technology is used to control the current output, to limit the maximum discharge current, to provide the maximum climbing and starting torque, and has the characteristics of fast climbing ability. Prolong the battery's time and life, increase the battery charge range, and improve the reliability and durability of electric circuit.Electric Bicycle 

        Intelligent Battery Management, intelligent battery undervoltage judgment, under pressure protection/overpressure protection, it does not affect the mileage of the whole vehicle, but also protects the battery, prolongs the service life of the battery, and ensures that the controller works safely, reliably and efficiently under the condition of the whole process of the power supply undervoltage to overpressure.Electric Bicycle

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