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        Dynamic Analysis Of Electric Tricycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

             Electric bikes are now used in a variety of motors, but summed up a total of three categories: 1, has a brush high-speed reducer motor (commonly known as a brush has teeth), 2, brushless low-speed motor (commonly known as brushless teeth), 3, Brush low-speed motor (commonly known as brush without teeth). These three types of motor have advantages and disadvantages, the performance of a great difference, for different use conditions, the effect is also very different. Therefore, the use of different motor requirements must be selected.Electric Tricycle
              Electric bicycles under the standard test conditions, the electric current of the motor is about 3.5~5 amps (for 36 KV motors, different models vary). Under the conditions of starting, wind, and overload, the required current will rise to $number ampere. So for the repeated start, the road has a certain slope and the appropriate overload requirements of the user, they use electric bicycle motor requirements in the range of $number Ampere has a relatively high efficiency. In this way, less power consumption, the motor will not be too hot and failure.Electric Tricycle
             High speed motor wheel with brush, high efficiency, 36 volts 5 ampere efficiency is about 83%, 36 kv 10 ampere efficiency is about 78%, 36 volts 15 ampere efficiency is about 70%, the maximum torque can reach 24 newton meters, so the electric bicycle wheel with this kind of motor power moment big, climbing overload ability is strong, The motor has less heating and longer life. This kind of motor is suitable for the long distance traveling, needs to have the certain climbing ability as well as rides the human body heavier heavy user. Another characteristic of this motor wheel is light weight, generally 3.5 ~ 3.9 kg.Electric Tricycle
             Brushless Low-speed Motor, the structure of the brushless no teeth, is the ideal power mechanism. However, due to the use of brushless structure, there must be an electronic commutator to solve the current problem, so the controller is more complex, the entire system of reliability from the internal transfer of the motor to the controller. In the past few years, through the brushless motor production plant's efforts, reliability has been greatly improved, so the proportion of electric bicycles on the application is also gradually rising. To this end, its efficiency under the overload condition is low (the input current reaches 10 amperes when the efficiency is only about 66%, and the maximum torque is 15 newton meters), and the starting vibration phenomenon of these two major problems can not be satisfactorily resolved.
        So the starting performance and climbing ability is poor. Electric Tricycle
             Although the reliability of the controller is greatly improved, the failure rate is higher than that of the brush motor. The advantage is that the noise is low because of the brushless teeth. At present, the price is also not dominant, with the controller of the system matching prices with the brush high-speed motor equivalent. In addition, under the action of magnetic force, in the non electric State, the wheel turning resistance is larger.Electric Tricycle

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