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        Damping Effect Of Electric Motorcycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

        Since most shock absorbers absorb shock and vibration energy through the flow damping force of the oil and turn it into heat emitted from the oil. Therefore, the damping force of the shock absorber is closely related to the viscosity of the oil, and the viscosity of the oil varies with the temperature. The length of the motorcycle, the ambient temperature of the use is different.Electric Motorcycle

        Therefore, in order to adapt to the needs of various climatic conditions of motorcycle operation area, the following technical requirements are put forward for shock absorber oil: The shock absorber not only has good viscosity-temperature performance and high viscosity index, but also has low solidification point. Electric Motorcycle

        When the ambient temperature changes or as the working time is prolonged, the oil viscosity change should be very small when the temperature of the shock absorber is changed, and the condensate point of the shock absorber oil used in our country must not be less than-40 ℃. In other words, when the cold winter temperature drops, the air temperature in the 0℃~-40℃, its oil should not lose liquidity; shock absorber oil in the use of motorcycles (including high-speed, full load and overload driving, etc.), to minimize the loss of vaporization, that is called vaporization of small properties.Electric Motorcycle

        When the shock absorber oil is in contact with the air, it must have antioxidant stability and oil-gas mixing stability, that is, the so-called good working stability performance; Electric Motorcycle

        As the shock absorber oil containing impurities will be in the motorcycle driving process, the piston rod will soon scratch or cause the oil seal the edge of the defective, resulting in Therefore, the shock absorber oil must be kept absolutely clean, no dust and impurities mixed.Electric Motorcycle

        Shock absorber oil must have good rust-proof and anti-wear function. Because of our motorcycle oil products store and motorcycle monopoly point and maintenance market, there is no special shock absorber oil for sale, only through the redeployment to solve. Because the steam turbine oil has a variety of different performance, according to the current appearance of several steam turbine oil, the selection of excellent lubrication, oxygen resistance, anti-rust and anti-oxidation, viscosity grade of 32 grades of L-TSA turbine oil to replace the original No. 22nd turbine Oil, the most suitable.

        Replace the shock absorber oil, can be removed in sequence, the front wheel, when the mud plate, brake pliers, loosen the upper plate of the fixed screws, direction column fixed screws, left and right to rotate the handle tube, slowly the handle pipe, such as pumping out. For motorcycles equipped with front fork dust shields, the dust shield and front fork cover bolts should be removed first (the front fork cover bolts may jump out under the spring action and should be noticed).Electric Motorcycle

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