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        Configuration Construction Of Electric Motorcycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

        An electric motorcycle configuration structure with fuel cell as energy system, the fuel cell in the energy system is arranged on the frame, the electric motor provides the best power supply, the cooling water box is arranged on the frame of the car body, and the air inlet gate Hole is provided on the body casing of the cooling water box, which is made by the driving of the motorcycle to enter through the intake gate Electric Motorcycle

        The hydrogen storage device is arranged on the frame below the pedal plate, by its side can be accessible hydrogen storage tank, the box is equipped with a temperature-holding device to cool the fuel cell cycle output of hot water, can be cited through the temperature cage, the fuel cell energy system in the best use of the state configuration on the locomotive.Electric Motorcycle

        Cyclic charging of 48v12ah to 30AH lead-acid batteries used in electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters and other small electric vehicles. There is an electric car smart charger tk-aa-101 DA01 48V 1.8A can automatically identify positive and negative protection. Always rush to maintain the stability and best condition of the lead acid battery, in addition to the use of the process do not frequent braking, start acceleration to stabilize, slow, in addition, electric cars most taboo water, so clean the car should pay attention to the battery do not touch the water, but also, if the boot pedal if the best pedal, because the start of the most power consumption!Electric Motorcycle

        Simple driving, comfortable ride, no oil, easy to use maintenance, no pollution, small noise, especially suitable for urban working class as a commuting tool.Electric Motorcycle

        The electric motorcycle driven by the switch reluctance motor is a high-tech electromechanical integration product, its power part equipment cost (excluding battery) about 200 yuan/Taiwan (by small batch). Enterprises only need to invest in electric power Electronics workshop and assembly workshop, the rest of the components can be external association. The total cost is expected to control about 500 yuan. Sales price can reach more than thousand yuan, the return on investment is very high. At present, the country actively support the electric vehicle industry, large-scale production of economic benefits higher.Electric Motorcycle

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