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        Battery Condition Of Electric Bicycle
        Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

             The mileage of electric bikes is defined as follows: "The new battery is full of electricity, the rider weight is configured to 75 kg on a flat two-level road (without strong wind conditions) ride, ride to the battery voltage is less than ten. 5v/section to power off, in the above conditions, the ride mileage is known as electric bicycle mileage.Electric Bicycle

             Generally with 36 kv 12 high quality battery of the brand-name electric bicycles of the continued mileage is about the standard is called 45~60 kilometers, and there are individual manufacturers nominal will rise to $number km, this is suspected of false propaganda. Because reaching this nominal value indicates that the efficiency of the motor is more than 40% of the efficiency of adopting the motor in the famous brand factory. Electric Bicycle

             If a famous brand factory production of motor in the above described the efficiency of the working state of 75%, then the nominal $number kilometers of the manufacturer's motor efficiency has reached more than 100%, this is obviously not possible, this point to remind the general consumer attention:Electric Bicycle

             In the actual use process, how many kilometers can sufficient electricity actually drive? This is related to a number of factors, and manufacturers have a segment of the main factors are the efficiency of the motor, storage battery capacity and life characteristics; factors related to other objective circumstances: the weight of the rider, the condition of a regular ride, the need for frequent use of brakes, and the cycling habits of cyclists, etc. Electric Bicycle

             Another issue that needs to be constantly reminded of consumers is: battery capacity is going to become smaller with the increase in use time, the distance of sufficient electricity can be reduced, when the maximum distance of the old battery can not meet the traffic needs of the day, you may consider to send the battery to repair or replace the new battery.Electric Bicycle

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