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        electric Motorcycle Bike Sold overseas markets

        electric Motorcycle Bike Sold overseas markets
        * Fast heat dissipation and strong braking performance
        * Mobile safety, high sensitivity
        * has a multi-functional intelligent anti-theft controller

        Product Details

        Electric Motorcycle Bike Sold overseas markets

        This electric motorcycle features an upgraded version of the Transit 1200-1500W motor for superior performance and power. The wide space design makes it highly load-bearing. This electric motorcycle starts fast and saves energy, so you can enjoy driving in any situation.

        Product Features

        * Fast heat dissipation and strong braking performance

        * Mobile safety, high sensitivity

        * has a multi-functional intelligent anti-theft controller

        * Slip-proof tires, safe driving in rainy days

        Technical Parameters: 




        Quan Shun 1200W-1500W

        Battery Brand

        Chao Wei



        Power Consumption

        One Charge≥0.5°

        Optional Volt


        Tire Type




        Shock Obsorption

        Double Tubes Hydraulic Shock Absorption

        Incidental Items


        Braking Mode

        Front & Rear Abalone Disc Brakes

        Official Invoice

        Above prices are tax-inclusive.

        Structural Features

        1)Large-capacity Storage Box
        The storage box under cushion is hidden and safe, useful and convenient with large space to satisfy your daily requirement.
        2)BMW Alloy Wheels
        OuFeng uses front ten-jaw widened wheel hubs which are solid and firm with high carrying capacity and long life.
        3)Hydraulic Shock Absorption
        OuFeng uses high quality hydraulic shock absorber to reduce bumps caused by unsmooth roads in maximum degree, in order to make your driving more stable and more comfortable.
        4)Luxury LCD Instrumentation
        The car-level luxury ultra-wide LCD Instrument is bright enough to ensure the data like speed, power, mileage can be enough whether during daytime or at night.
        5)Multi-function handlebar with reach is easy to operate
        In order to take different people's driving habits into consideration, OuFeng equips every motorcycle with a multi-function handlebar. This handlebar sets speed change, reverse, one-key repair and headlight switch into one. All controls are easy reach and convenient even a green hand can run it quickly.

        Chao Wei Battery for Your choice

        Chao Wei lead-acid battery(20A lead-acid battery)




        Single Weight

        About 7.1kg



        About 2 years

        About 2 years

        Can/cannot be removed



        Warranty period

        12 months

        12 months

        Single volum



        Optional battery sets

        Five 60v batteries
        Six 72V batteries
        Eight 96V batteries

        Five 60v batteries
        Six 72V batteries

        Two installation methods for your choice: (you need to contact with our customer service staffs)
        1.Fixed built-in which can not be removed and only can be charged with the motorcycle. Safe and anti-theft.
        2.Active built-in which can be removed out

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