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        Add:Chongan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, A2-2418 Famous City, China


        Adult Electric Powered Bicycle Scooter

        Adult Electric Powered Bicycle Scooter

        Adult Electric Powered Bicycle Scooter
        *Lengthened cushion
        ?*Wide space
        *Fit the confidence of the new generation

        Product Details

        Adult Electric Powered Bicycle Scooter

        *XB-504 is classified as an Electric Bicycle (since pedals can be used), but the pedals don't need to be installed & this allows it to operate like an electric moped motorcycle however you don't need to register it or carry a drivers license to operate it. Electric 500 watt Motor, 48 Amp Circuit, 4 - 12 volt 12 AMP Batteries, Front & Rear Brakes.

        *Travel up to 20+ mph & 20 - 25 miles per charge, Throttle type is a variable speed control Equipped with a Horn, Speedometer, Battery Indicator, Key Start & Full Lights with a twist throttle on right grip.

        *There is a large storage area below seat + Large trunk + Small area near key

        *The drive system has a Rear Hub Motor (No Chains or belts) Motor is in rear rim.

        Technical Parameters: 




        Quan Shun 1200WW

        Battery Brand

        Chao Wei



        Power Consumption

        One Charge≥0.5°

        Optional Volt


        Tire Type




        Shock Obsorption

        Double Tubes Hydraulic Shock Absorption

        Incidental Items


        Braking Mode

        Front & Rear Dual Piston Disc Brakes

        Official Invoice

        Above prices are tax-inclusive.

        Features of the Adult Electric Powered Bicycle Scooter

        *Lengthened cushion

        *Wide space

        *Fit the confidence of the new generation

        *Each detail exceeds the industry standards.

        Product Advantages

        1. Our products are targeted for the overseas demanding market, and we have a strong sense of responsibility for the quality, we consider quality as our life.

        2. The only standard to choose parts' suppliers is who has the same principle about Quality as us.

        3. We carry on continusly training our staffs, in order to ensure they have the ability to produce high quality products.

        4. All the components must be checked carefully before assembling twice,A incoming inspection before online producing.

        5. We have special inspector for the last checkout to insure that the cargoes will be satisfied with you.

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