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        Add:Chongan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, A2-2418 Famous City, China


        Electric Bicycles Mountain Electric Bikes

        Electric Bicycles Mountain Electric Bikes

        Electric Bicycles Mountain Electric Bikes
        *Fast,Smooth and Accurate
        *Strong driving force Rear Hub Motor Battery
        *Durable Fat Tire - Suitable for All Condition Road

        Product Details

        Electric Bicycles Mountain Electric Bikes

        Item Description

        ●100% Brand New
        ●Brand: Oufeng
        ●Speed up to 30km/h
        ●Brake power-cut protection
        ●Fast charge time of 4-6 hours
        ●26" wheels with Aluminum Alloy spokes.
        ●Suitable for riders between 165-185cm
        ●Adjustable height seat from to 80cm to 95cm
        ●Material: Aluminum Alloy
        ●3 Colors: Yellow Black, White Blue, Black White
        ●Wheel Diameter: 26inch
        ●Power: Under 500W
        ●Voltage: 36V,250W
        ●Load capacity: under 200KG
        ●Suit for height: 165-185cm
        ●Mileage range: 45km-55km
        ●Full dimension: 172 x 106cm/67 x 41.3inch
        ●Handlebars: Standard
        ●Suspension Type: Front
        ●Seat: Padded
        ●Pedals: Standard
        ●Opportunity: Outdoor Camping, Mountain
        ●Package Content: 1 x Mountain Bike

        Benefits of the Mountain Electric Bikes

        *Fast,Smooth and Accurate

        *Strong driving force Rear Hub Motor Battery: The removable 48V Lithium Cell with smart lithium battery charger

        *Durable Fat Tire - Suitable for All Condition Road--Safe,Blance,Fast and Stable for Your Cycling

        *Bicycle Weight : 200Kg Load Capacity

        *Ergonomic design: 90% Pre-assembled we pay great attention to every detail of each component, ergonomic handbar, adjustable seat and anti-slip wear resistant tire.


        Product Characteristics

        *Massive 500-Watt Direct-drive Brushless Motor That Directly Drives The Rear Wheel For Plenty of Torque and Speed. Have The Power to Go Over Rough or Uneven Terrain, and Climb Steep Hills Easily

        *A Larger 5-inch LCD Screen That Clearly Displays Wital Information Like Battery Charge Level, Speed, and Trip Distance. LCD Display With USB Charging Port For Your Phone and Other Devices

        *48V 10.4AH Lithium Battery Will Last Well. Charger For Fast Charging (4-6 hrs For Full Recharge). If You Leave It On 1 Assist It Will Last Longer Time. It Can Be Easily Removed For Charging

        *Hithot H1 Electric Bicycles 2018 Design Fit For 5'5"-6'6" And It Can Carry Adults Weighing Close To 300 lbs, Making It An Ideal Option For Larger Riders

        *Design Inspiration From The German Classic Models.Its Sleek Body Frame That Provides Less Air Resistance As You Move. It Is An Electric Mountain Bike With Amazing Features That Will Surely Bring More Excitement Whether Used For City Driving or Mountain Biking

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