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        Electric Bicycle

        Electric bicycles refer to the use of batteries as auxiliary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, and the installation of electric motors, controllers, batteries, steering handles and other control components and display instrumentation system of electromechanical integration of personal vehicles.We are able to offer a wide range of electric bikes for both men and women.
        Advantages of electric bicycles:
        1)Environmental protection: Electric bicycles are green vehicles that do not pollute the environment. They do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution.
        2)energy-saving: the same walk 100 kilometers, the car generally requires 5-15 liters of gasoline, motorcycles also need 2-6 liters of oil, but the electric car only costs 1-3 degrees of electricity.
        3)Save money: Because of energy saving, the use of electric vehicles is much more economical than other vehicles.
        4)Save trouble: no need to refuel.
        OUFENG is a professional electric bicycle manufacturer and supplier in China, specialized in providing high quality electric motorcycle made in China with low price. We warmly welcome you to buy bulk electric bicycle for sale here from our factory.
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